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A Colorist Can Make a Big Difference!

Giuseppe Camuncoli has been doing pencils for Dan Slott’s work on Spider-Man for awhile now. And usually, I’m not a fan. I think in general it all usually looks, not bad, but a bit dull. His action sequences look good, but usually still a bit dull.

I said usually a lot because sometimes I think his art actually looks great! And the answer to why is simple: When Edgar Delgado does the coloring, I’m not a fan, but when Antonio Fabela does the coloring, I’m a fan. I think it makes a world of difference!

To me, Fabela’s coloring makes the art look exciting while Delgado makes it look dull. Maybe you prefer Delgado’s, but I think my point has been made: There’s a clear difference. Now, why is this important for me to talk about? Here’s why, look at this:

There’s the cover to Superior Spider-Man #12. The colorist listed there? Delgado. You know who’s not there? The colorist that actually colored the comic and made it, for me, more enjoyable to read:

Fabela deserves to be on the cover, Marvel! Come on now…

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